To Convert or Not to Convert

06 Nov 2014

Should you convert your Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA? Well, I don’t know; the answer will depend on what’s best for your unique situation. Let’s looks at how it works. If you have a Traditional IRA you are allowed to convert the account to a Roth IRA. There are no longer income caps to convert. The value of the account becomes taxable income in the year converted. Here are some items to consider:

– Eliminates Federal Income Tax on future withdrawals.
– Money grows tax-free after conversion.
– Money can be inherited.
– No 70.5 Required Minimum Distributions.

I wish it was that easy, the reality is that like most things in life there are many moving parts. If your primary motivation is that you believe marginal tax brackets will rise in the future, you may be in for a surprise. Marginal tax brackets have actually decreased. According the the Federal Individual Tax Rate History provided by the Tax Foundation , Marginal tax rates were as high as 70% for married filing jointly over $215,400 in 1980. Remember the government can raise tax revenue in more ways than just raising marginal tax brackets.

Some other facts to consider include:

-Your tax bracket
-Your need to have the money to pay the taxes
-You can recharacterize the conversion by October 15 of the next year if you change your mind


With all of this in mind, I would suggest you think very carefully when deciding whether or not a conversion is right for you. It may help to make your decision in context with your financial plan, assuming you have one!


Good Luck!


Jeffrey A. Johnston, ChFC
President of Premier Investments of Iowa, Inc.

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Jeffrey Johnston

Jeff has over 30 years of experience in the investment industry. He currently holds his FINRA Serices 6, 63, 66, 7, 24 & 51 licenses with LPL Financial as well as his health and life insurance licenses.