5 Things to do Before You Retire

30 Jan 2015

1. Rethink Your Investment Strategy: 

The past 30 years you have been in the accumulation stage, now you are in the distribution phase. Growth is still important, but more emphasis should be on income and keeping pace with inflation.

2. Review Your Estate Plan:

Make sure your will and trusts accurately reflect your new style of life. You would be amazed how many people we see neglect this part of the process. Communicate your desires with your children!

3. Decide on Long Term Care Insurance:

There are 4 ways to approach long term planning

  •  Ignore the problem (yes, this is a popular method!)
  • Plan on going on Title 19
  • Self-insure – you have enough money
  • Buy personal LTC

Everyone will fall under one of these categories. We are living longer and the costs of LTC are skyrocketing. Do something now.

4. Have a Retirement Income Analysis Done: 

Social Security, pensions, dividends, and interest are all types of income. Take the time after you go over your expenses to focus on how you are going to pay for everything and have enough left over to really enjoy retirement.

5. Decide What You Are Going To Do With All The Free Time: 

We see many people return to the workforce doing something they actually want to do as opposed to need to do. Stay healthy and active and retirement can be great both financially and emotionally.

Good Luck!

Jeff Johnston, ChFC
Investment Advisor Representative


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Jeffrey Johnston

Jeff has over 30 years of experience in the investment industry. He currently holds his FINRA Serices 6, 63, 66, 7, 24 & 51 licenses with LPL Financial as well as his health and life insurance licenses.