What is “Comprehensive” Financial Planning?

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02 Dec 2015

It used to be you walked into your stock broker’s office, handed over your hard earned dollars, and said, “Make me some money!”  Like many things, times have changed and just trying to make you money is no longer an appropriate goal. For one thing, that goal is not unique to your situation as it applies to everyone. Comprehensive Financial Planning is about building wealth through a PROCESS, not a product or an investment. These are the key points to why Comprehensive financial planning is warranted:

  • It’s holistic. It’s about much more than money. It’s built around your core values and beliefs. What’s most important to you about your money?
  • Comprehensive financial planning considers the entirety of your financial life. Your assets, your liabilities, your taxes, your income, your hopes, fears and dreams.
  • It’s long range. It builds around the accumulation, distribution, and legacy aspects of your life. It’s ongoing and never ending.
  • Having a comprehensive plan can prevent destructive behavior in times of chaos. You can always revert to “The Plan.” A good plan will incorporate tough markets to determine the probability of success in good and bad markets.
  • It’s a collaboration & results in an ongoing relationship with your financial professional.

We believe having a Comprehensive financial plan not only puts you in the minority, but will also heighten your financial sense of confidence as you grow older.  So remember, a product or investment may solve some of your issues, but a good, written, comprehensive financial plan will help with planning for most of your concerns today and in the future.


Good luck!



Jeffrey Johnston

Jeff has over 30 years of experience in the investment industry. He currently holds his FINRA Serices 6, 63, 66, 7, 24 & 51 licenses with LPL Financial as well as his health and life insurance licenses.