ICE-In Case of Emergency

ICE-In Case of Emergency
29 Dec 2016

Hi, again! It’s Matt from, and one of the last phone calls I took today was the family of a widow who is going through a health scare. Those can be pretty common this time of year. The hospital where there took her was about 60-80 miles away from home.

As they were checking my client in, her family was asked if she had a Living Will a Durable Power of Attorney and/or a Medical Power of Attorney for healthcare decisions.  She did. Problem was, they were back in the safe at home, so someone had to drive all the way back home and collect these things before the doctors would or could discuss her medical condition with the family or make decisions for their mother.

What had happened, is that the mother told her kids, “If anything happens to me, just call Matt.”  To her credit, after her husband died, we took her through the process of getting all three of those items, and we took copies of all of them. I spoke with the hospital, and they indicated that she was incapacitated and unable to make her own decisions. I was able to provide them with copies of all that they had asked for and help my client’s family during what has to be one of the most stressful times anyone can imagine.

I remember when my mom was diagnosed with cancer. One of the things we did was get her financial house in order, which included all of the pre-planning. Now, I sit down with all of my clients to make sure they are prepared for such a circumstance. I even go one step farther.

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I provide a USB drive for each of my clients, which has all of these completed documents on them (Living Will, Do Not Resuscitate directive, Medical Power of Attorney, Durable Power of Attorney, Last Will and Testament, copies of insurance cards, names and contact information for all of her doctors in order to obtain medical records, her pharmacist, her medications schedule, including medications, dosages and times taken, a brief family medical history for her, her deceased husband and her parents and siblings, so they could understand pre-existing conditions, and allergies, plus all of the contact information for her kids, her relatives and neighbors. Unfortunately, she had forgotten to put it on her keychain, in her purse or with her medications.

This is called her ICE drive, which stands for In Case of Emergency. So, if she were to fall in the yard, somehow become unconscious or incapacitated, as did happen, all of her contacts and directives are there to speak for her.  Now, this may seem like a lot of trouble. But when time is of the essence, you will never be happier that you’ve done anything else.

Literally, when their mother said, “Ask for Matt,” they were able to and she was able to speak for herself right away. ICE. Remember it: In Case of Emergency. As usual, if you have a question, feel free to go to and get in touch…I’m always ready to talk to you!


Matt Westberry

As an independent financial professional, Matthew R. Westberry’s goal is to help you create a personalized investment plan that is unique to your situation, attitude and goals. He is dedicated to building long term relationships and providing continued service to ensure that your objectives are met. Matt takes a personalized approach with his clients, he will sit down at your kitchen table, take the complex issues facing retirees & pre-retirees and put together a comprehensive, easy to understand plan that will help you achieve your financial goals. Matt graduated from Coe College in 2005 where he majored in Business Administration and Economics. Matt is currently enrolled in The American College of Financial Services Certified Financial Program. He believes that continuing his education benefits both him and his clients. Matt is currently an Investment Advisor Representative with Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. He holds the series 6, 7, 63 and 65 licenses as well as accident, health and life insurance licenses. Matt currently resides in Marion, IA with his wife Cassandra and son Landry.