Communicating With Your Children and Grandchildren In 2016

Communicating With Your Children and Grandchildren In 2016
02 Jan 2017

Hi, again! It’s Matt from, and today I’m reflecting on my recent trip to Nashville for work. I’m sure you can relate…3-½ hours waiting in airports and wanting to talk to and see my wife, son and daughter. My son wasn’t really interested in talking to me on the telephone. He was more interested in what the apps on her phone could do, like funny face filters, looking up pictures of me on Facebook, or looking at a video of him and me playing.

When I was growing up, I’d call my grandparents on the phone. They’ve been gone for a long time, but I can still remember the phone number for the house in which they lived from 20 years ago! I remember calling Grandma once a week, and it was a big deal! The first time I dialed her number on my own and got to talk to her without any help, it was truly exciting!

When I got old enough to write, I’d write them letters, and my grandparents sweetened the pot…every time we called or wrote them, they’d send us a treat, like a gift card to McDonald’s, a $2 bill for our piggy banks…it was a special relationship that we had with our grandparents.

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Today, with email, text messages, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and all these other apps for our smartphones, it’s a totally different realm to communicate with your kids or grand-kids. Some of my clients don’t have a computer or a cell phone, and they are losing out on quality time with family members.  What did I do with my 3-½ hours in the airport waiting for a flight? Yes, I did some work. But I was also able to snap funny pictures back and forth on my smartphones with my son.

I know teenagers who have a hard time picking up a cellphone to make a phone call. I will call my nieces to talk to them, and I get a return text asking how I am and what I wanted. It’s definitely a different world we live in today, and if you want to communicate effectively with your kids and grand-kids, you may want to give some thought to learning FaceTime and Skype.  This is also a benefit for communicating with your investment advisor.

If you aren’t social media savvy, I’m going to put together some “Using Social Media-101” classes at the Premier Learning Academy. I’ll one Tuesday night a month, I’ll have an expert come in and we’ll teach you how to sign up, sign in, take a picture, add a filter and make your grandchildren smile at your Snapchat! Next time, we’ll teach you and text messaging and even how to send a group message. The next time, it’ll be Instagram, and we’ll teach you the basics so you can enjoy their vacations like you’re right their with them.

Maybe it’s not a phone call or a letter, but it’s communicating with your kids or grand-kids in 2016 in a language they know and one you can learn. And it’s easier than you think. I’m starting to get the hang of this Facebook thing pretty fast, you know.

As usual, if you have a question, feel free to go to and get in touch…I’m always ready to talk to you!


Matt Westberry

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