Squirrels and Financial Planning

09 Jun 2017

You might not think you can learn much from a squirrel.  At least not when it comes to the financial planning process.  Last weekend I had an experience that changed my thinking on this particular subject.

It started as any ordinary day might.  I was hanging with the wife and kid when we decided to go get some FroYo.  We jumped in the car and headed out of the driveway.  As we were driving down the street, a squirrel jumped out in the middle of the road!  He ran to the right, and he ran to the left.  I gripped the steering wheel even tighter as we barreled down upon him.  It was too late to hit the brakes and stop in time!  At the last possible moment, he darted away and I caught a glimpse in my rear view mirror as he scampered to safety.

Now I know what you are thinking.  Casey, you just about killed a squirrel and have decided to brag about it.  No, that’s not the point.

Put yourself in the squirrel’s shoes for a moment.  I’m sure he was minding his own business, looking for the stash of nuts he had hidden last fall.  After all, he was just doing what squirrels do.  Living his life and not really paying attention to anything outside of his immediate concern.  Part of that search involved getting across the street and into a “danger zone.”


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My car would be the equivalent of your impending retirement.  Whether or not you are paying attention, it is coming.  And coming fast.  The question is less of when is is going to arrive, but what form is it going to take.  Will you be able to prepare on your own terms, or will something happen that you can’t control?

Are you like our squirrel friend?  He didn’t know what to do and ran back and forth.  Because of this, he kept himself in danger of being run over.  His indecision and lack of action was the very thing that nearly got him run over.

Hopefully your indecision isn’t the thing that is holding you back.  If it is, perhaps we can help.

Today is the day, make it count!



Casey Mushrush

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