Date: 09 Jun 2015
Cat: Audio, Financial Hour (WMT)

Financial Hour: 7 Retirement Planning Blindspots


Premier Investments of Iowa, Inc. Financial Hour June 9, 2015

Jeff Johnston & Jonas Everett discuss retirement planning blind spots to think about before it is too late.

Your retirement plan can change in an instant. Whether from an expected changed or a sudden, unplanned life event, it is important that you are ready for changes to your finances. Here are 7 things to think about before it is too late.

  1. Disability Insurance
  2. Planning with Longevity in Mind
  3. Have a contingency plan for retiring earlier than you planned
  4. Survivor Planning (both financial & non-financial)
  5. Be realistic when thinking about the mental & physical changes that will occur as you age
  6. If you plan to work in retirement, keep your skills & education up-to-date
  7. Planning for Long Term Care