Date: 17 Oct 2017
Cat: Audio, Financial Hour (WMT)

Financial Hour: Understanding Inherited IRAs

Roger Abel & Casey Mushrush answer listener questions:

  • Jeanie from Davenport asks: I worked enough in private industry to qualify for Social Security benefits, but then worked for the state and did not contribute to Social Security for another 20 years. So, I will have a state pension at my current salary as well as Social Security from my former salary (which was about one-third of what I make now). Would it be of value to retire early and return to private industry for a few years to try and boost my Social Security benefit?
  • Devin from Cedar Rapids asks: I am very risk averse. I only feel safe if my money is in the bank. What should I do if the stock markets make me nervous?

Plus a discussion on Inherited IRAs: What Beneficiaries Need to Know or Consider.