Casey M. Mushrush, AIF

Casey M. Mushrush, AIF

LPL Registered Principal

In addition to running my financial planning practice, I write blogs based on conversations and questions that I often get.  Have a question or want to see a post written about a specific subject?  Send me an e-mail at casey.mus‌hrush@‍ I am involved in many of the educational elements of Premier Investments of Iowa, including appearances on WMT Radio, WHO Radio, KXEL Radio, and KCRG Television. In addition, I am a frequent guest host of the Premier Pulse.

In order to tell you a little about myself, it might be easier to describe first what I don’t do.  I am not a trader trying to time the swings of the markets.  Nor am I a broker contacting my clients every time I have a “hot tip.”  Additionally, I don’t have a “silver bullet” product that is going to fix all of your financial concerns.

I partner with my clients to develop a specific set of financial goals based on their personal situation. We analyze their state of affairs, map out a course of action, and implement a written financial plan based on their own circumstances.  We design and implement a long term investment strategy guided by the principles of asset allocation and based on personal risk tolerance.  I utilize behavior coaching to help clients deal with the emotional aspects of investing and stick to their long term plan.  I am also responsible for the practice management of an Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction. I aid our advisors on ensuring they are running their businesses in a compliant manner, as well as providing direction and suggestions on process improvement and implementation.

I am married to my wife Ericka and have a daughter, Mikayla and a son, Henrick.  I grew up on a cattle ranch in East Central Kansas.  I attended Kansas State University and received a Bachelor’s of Science in Milling Science and Management.  Following my graduation, I spent several years working in the Food Manufacturing Industry where I supervised multiple departments in multiple states, and oversaw various Continuous Improvement projects.  From these experiences, I have brought a passion for hard work and knowledge of systems implementation and management into my current role.