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Changing jobs?  Be aware of these rollover mistakes!

Changing jobs? Be aware of these rollover mistakes!

So for whatever the reason, you are switching jobs. Your new employer has a great 401(k) with tremendous matching and you immediately signup. But what about that old plan you have, what should you do? Here are a few options and suggestions: 1) You can leave the money where it is. You will want to check the expenses that you are incurring as well as...

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New Year Revolutions!

New Year Revolutions!

What?  Revolutions, not resolutions?  That’s right!  I’m asking each of you who reads our weekly blog to consider 2016 the year you move forward with some “revolutionary” financial planning moves! First step: Interview and hire a qualified financial advisor. You need a partner as you navigate the complex world of insurance and investments. Your advisor should not only be experienced, knowledgeable and client focused, but also someone you...

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