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2016 USA presidential election poster. EPS 10

It’s an Election Year! Stocks Have to Behave Differently

Well, the reality is that stocks don’t just perform differently, they perform better*. Since 1928, the S&P 500 has had an average total return of slightly better than +11% in all election years.  There have been 22 elections since the S&P 500 index began; 82% of the time the index was positive. When a Republican was elected, the return was +15.6%. When a Democrat was...

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The “Casino Effect”

I often ask workshop attendees to tell me “What’s the number one goal of a casino when you walk in?”  The answer I normally get is “To take your money!”  Honestly, this is partially correct. However, the real number one goal of a casino is very simple–To make sure they get you to STAY in their casino as long as possible.  They know the odds...

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